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Found 5 results

  1. I am seeing a lot of posts from people who have issues with the AV software. However, this is usually not the case; The issues aren't from Anti-Virus. Usually, the issues comes from a user's poor management of their computer. I am not saying Immunet is free from any blame because their antivirus solution can be very resource intensive on some lower-end machines. Back to the main point, the issues most people face are because they haven't restarted their computer, or they have something else wrong on their local device. Their OS is corrupt, hardware is degrading, etc. Since issues can occur because of many different conditions, let me state it clearly, Immunet is not your personal tech support. Figure it out if you bought the device for personal use and/or aren't using Immunet in an enterprise environment. It is no excuse to act like you don't know how computers work if you installed software on the computer yourself. You can use a keyboard, you can use a mouse, now start using your brain as well. Thank you for reading
  2. I sat down to my computer this morning and found immunet utilizing 100% of the CPU. Although I sat up a scan schedule (daily full scan 0300), it states it has never run a scan. I see that it updated today at 11:12:44 AM. As I am typing it just dropped to a reasonable CPU usage, but it still states a scan has never been run. HA! CPU is back to 98% utilization. I was super excited to find this product because we use the commercial version (AMP) at work and client locations. But not being able to use my computer is going to be an issue. Dell 8920 i7-7700K 4.20GHZ 48 GB RAM Windows 10 Home v1909 Any recommendations? Thanks!!
  3. Hello all, I installed yesterday Immunet 7.0.0 11362 on Windows 10 x64. Windows Does have an automate proxy settings throught a pac file and a manual settings activated as you can see with the screenshot. Wouldn't it be best to have an always active manual settings for the proxy in case the automate detection fails? Aside that I'm new to Immunet and I do love the idea behind it! I hope I could help you all to fix this issue to make Immunet better!
  4. Im not sure if its supposed to be like this, but enabling the clamav engine spikes the CPU and resource usage to 25% CPU and 350 megabytes of memory from 0-1% CPU and 50 megabytes of memory, is it always like this? the update button always says "up to date" even after reinstalling the product a lot of times and I have no folder that contains error logs.
  5. I have used Immunet free for a long time with no real problems. Recently it started preventing all programs within my office 2013 suite from launching. In Task Manager it will show MS Word Or Outlook running but the icon fails to open the program. I know this because I can close Immunet protect in Task Manager and the programs work again. (I leave Immunet Protect Tray Client running.) I use WIN 8.1 64 bit and it is up to date. Immunet is also current ( Right now it is a trial version of Plus but the problem started before I updated. Anyone have any clue why this might be happening?
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