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Found 1 result

  1. First bug: I've noticed a pattern of high memory usage with Immunet Plus on my WinXP SP3 MCE 2002. I'm checking this with Windows Task Manager monitoring usage of agent.exe. When I first start-up the computer in the morning the memory usage for Immunet will be as high as 138 MB and stay there for an extended time, more than 30 minutes. CPU usage will also go to about 30 percent and not drop below 10 percent. If I open the IPtray and click on "Update Now" then the CPU usage will go even higher and memory usage stays about the same. The CPU usage will drop after updates are done, and memorey will drop to around 7 MB. 10 Minutes later my memory is back up to 39 MB. My only work around now is to "update daily" before opening any othe applications. memory usage will stay at about 39 MB. I do not have ClamAV engine or updates turned on or any scheduled scans set. Are others seeing this pattern? Second bug: I have the ClamAV engine and definitiions turned off, so my updates should only be updating the Tetra engine. If I open the IPTray then click "Update Now" it appears that is what happens. However, if I click "Update Now" a second time then the Freshclam and Freshclamwrapper will run, download all the daily files and update them. If I click the "Update Now" a third time it only appears to check the program and Tetra definitiions. The ClamAV update is great if for some reason I loose Internet connection and think to turn-on ClamAV detection, but if I have it turned off, then it should not be updating. My only work around is to "update daily" before opening any other applications. Anyone else have this same experience? I still have Immunet Plus as my primary AV, but I notice it is using a lot of memory and CPU usage than a year ago when I started using it. I'm not sure what is causing the above issues. I also notice that Immunet will at times take precedence on CPU usage and slow the reaction time of other applications, especially Quickbooks Premier 2009, FIrefox 17.06 and Claws-mail 3.9.1. There doesn't seem to be any workaround other than patience for Immunet to finish whatever it is doing. If Ritchie or the developers are reading, I'd be happy to catch an SDT snapshot of my machine, just tell me when to run the tool and where to send the file. Brian
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