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Found 3 results

  1. After the installation, I unable to SCAN using Immunet. It shows Scan Failed. "Your scan has failed to complete. An error has occured." Im using windows 10 64bit. Please help. Immunet version
  2. Hello, I am running the free version,, on 4 different servers, all running Windows 2012 R2. The program installed fine, and manual scans run fine. I have never received any error messages. I can also successfully create a scheduled scan with no errors. However the scheduled scan that I create never runs. It also does not appear in Windows Task Scheduler (I read somewhere in another post that Immunet utilizes Task Scheduler for scheduled scans.) I have tried creating and recreating scheduled tasks a half dozen times on all four servers, but none of them ever run...and none of them show up in Task Scheduler. I would have assumed this was just a random glitch, and that simply re-installing might fix it...except for the fact that it's happening on 100% of the servers I am running Immunet on (4 out of 4). Doesn't seem like a random glitch. Any ideas? Thanks.
  3. I'm experiencing some strange behavior on several of my windows servers. I have an installation with a single full scan schedule every day at 3AM. I noticed this on one of my servers this morning when it was after 9AM, and the scan was still running. BUT it had only been running for 43 minutes. I let the scan finish and then noticed that it started scanning again almost immediately after it had finished. I clicked the stop scan button, and waited... within a minute another scan started. I stopped that, and again another started within about a minute. I could probably play this game all day, but alas I was getting bored. SO, I removed the schedule. That seems to have stopped it. I've rescheduled the 3AM scan, so we'll see if this happens again. I've only noticed this on a few of my servers, but I'm going to go check the rest of them to see if any others are showing this same issue. Let me know if you want any debugging information. I uploaded a shot of my scan history on another box that was exhibiting the same issue.
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