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Found 1 result

  1. Hi I am having a issue logging in to Immunet 3.0 the community part, I have not been able to use the community part meaning login and add people to my community it keeps getting an error message when ever I try to log in saying it can't contact the server I have a hardware firewall on my router but in the past I have have used Immunet without issues. Other then that everything else seems to be fine Immunet isn't restricted by my software firewall privatefireall 7.x. I am just coming back to immunet have been a long time user before I bought a license to AVG and wished I never did lol... I decided to remove it based on the latest test results AVG is very crappy it actually is under the default out of box windows 7 protection which is sad. That being said I'm back noticed a lot of improvements and glad to see everything is good and nice to see sourcefire is part of cisco and plans to keep everything as is. If anyone can help me out I would appreciate that I will be free today and this weekend making time to resolve this issue. Thank you in advance we have a great community here.
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