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Found 4 results

  1. hello everyone im running windows 10. This morning I logged in and when I went to se the results of a scheduled scan I was an error mesg saying "You Can Not Scan at This Time The Immunet service is not running. Please restart and retry." so i created a dump file using task manager and attached it to this post. I have created feedback on feedback hub that has more diagnostic information & crash dumps: https://aka.ms/AAgqyll if you guys know something I can do to fix this or perhaps send a bug report pls let me know thanks iptray.DMP
  2. Immunet blocked iTunes.exe. This occurred when I was using iTunes to bulk modify some tracks. Afterward, I can't find the iTues files under Program Files (where I'd expect them to be -- I don't recall having to go look for them before now). Event Type: Process Blocked Detection Name: W32.MAP.Ransomware.rewrite File Path: C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\AppleInc.iTunes_12124.1.57017.0_x64_nzyj5cx40ttqa\iTunes.exe Date: 8/10/2022 21:48:12 (I've already submitted this via https://www.immunet.com/false_positive) P.S. I ended up reinstalling iTunes, and the program runs. It looks like iTunes went ahead and completed what I was trying to do; I've not tried doing that again so far.
  3. hello everyone im using windows10. when I logged in this morning then I went to check the status of the last scan and saw the button greyed out when I click it I see the error mesg "You Can Not Scan at This Time The Immunet service is not running. Please restart the service and retry." so I created a dump file with the task manager and I sent it along with more diagnostic info using feedbackHub:https://aka.ms/AAgqyll I have attached a screenshot please let me know if their is a better way I can report this bug? I also posted before but whenever I try to open the post I get Error code: EX0 i am using Immunet on windows 10 with McAfee Security Center: 16.0 release name: 16.0 R43 Affld: 876 Build: 19.13.171 Language: en-ca Last update: 2022-03-09 Version: 19.13 McAfee VirusScan Build 25.6.168 Engine Version 4776.0 Version 25.6 McAfee Personal Firewall Build 21.3.194 Version 21.3 McAfee WebAdvisor Affld: 876 Build: Language: en-ca Version: 4.1 McAfee QuickClean Shredder Build: 20.3.148 Version: 20.3 McAfee Vulnerability Scanner Build: 10.3.102 Version 10.3 McAfee App Boost (But I dont use App Boost) Build 18.23.161 version 18.23
  4. Good day! I have some questions about this Immunet AV that I found on Internet. Just for assurance and verifications. Hoping your kind and support. 1. Is this Immunet AV totally free 100%? 2. If Immunet AV installed on Windows 10. Is it okay that the Windows Security is on and its Windows firewall also? 3. Is this Immunet AV still supporting what Operating System (OS)? Apology if this is not belong to this Category or Articles. Thank you!
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