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Found 1 result

  1. This post is for users with XP legacy systems interested in maybe installing Immunet as a small footprint virus checker. Don't. For those who don't know, Windows XP reached End Of Life (i.e. Microsoft ceased making new security patches for newly found security holes) way back in 2014. This post isn't for users still running XP because they refuse to upgrade to a more recent version of Windows (by the way the only still patched version of Windows is now Windows 10, since Windows 7 is past EOL too, unless you buy Microsoft's pay support package). Anyone running XP for 'normal' use, including programs that access the internet such as internet browsers, has a head in the sand security policy and will probably end up getting badly hacked, probably when they least expect it and with probably with no immediate symptoms at all, though they might well end up with an empty online bank account if they were silly enough to do online banking on XP, and their contacts might end up being very displeased at receiving viruses emailed from the XP computer. With that said: I'm responsible for a number of legacy XP systems, used only for running old non-internet-facing programs that won't run on newer Windows. In recent years, realtime antivirus programs that will run on XP at all have become very hard to find. And the ones that do run, in my experience, are the freeware versions of commercial programs, absolutely packed with nags ("Upgrade! Upgrade!' etc.) of multiple sorts, and which slow XP down a treat. So I was pleased, this week, to learn of the existence of Immunet, and further pleased when a forums search here told me that v5 would install to XP. So I found a v5 installer (from a reputable source elsewhere), and installed it. It installed fine, but getting the program to even update its definitions was next to impossible. I eventually managed, but then the program didn't function at all as a realtime virus checker, even though its GUI said that it was providing protection (tested with Eicar). Deeply misleading and giving a very false sense of security. And every sort of scan with Immunet v5 failed almost all the time. The screencap here shows a typical error message. Having spent a number of hours trying to get the program working on XP, I am not interested in spending more time, since the program is clearly very buggy (at least v5 on XP, I have no knowledge of other combinations of program and Windows versions, though I believe the program has had some good reviews). I'm posting this as a warning to anyone in a similar situation to not bother at all trying to make Immunet work on your legacy XP system. Don't waste your valuable time. I nursed the program along, uninstalled/restarted Windows/reinstalled, tried restarting the service, looked for solutions on this forum (hard when you can't search for 'XP'!!), but nothing helped. I'm a very experienced Windows geek (tens of thousands of hours problem solving, we real geeks never reimage Windows, we edit registries ), XP was definitely free of malware, and I had no other security software installed, so it couldn't conflict with Immunet. Those responsible for legacy XP systems desperate and for a realtime virus checker could try googling something like: realtime antivirus XP . I use one but I won't say what it is here, also it slows XP down so much I generally have it turned off (I don't use XP much at all anyway and do few installations on it). All the above testing was done in an Oracle VirtualBox Virtual Machine. I guess it's barely possible that Immunet v5 might work with a non-VM XP installation. But I, for one, wouldn't trust it, or waste my time trying to get it working, now I know better. The executive version: Windows XP with Immunet... Just say NO!
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