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Guest TheA!

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Guest Armin Pasalic

Online Scanning should be in Immunet. These 2 ideas will explain why and what Online Scanning in Immunet should do.


1. You have "Full scan" "Quick scan," etc. Why not add another? "Online Scan," when user clicks that, it open an BROWSING TOOL where the User chooses what to scan(Folder, .exe etc) When the user has found what to scan, he uploads the folder or file to the Online Scanner and see if its Virus Free. If its clean, it will submit the file to be more examined by the Experts - If Infected, the same. It could be FALSE POSITIVE. We could use this to TETRA updates.


2. When you download something UNknown, lets say an program that is infected! Immunet will pop-up and say: "This file doesnt have a Digital signature. We recommend to upload to our Online scanner and see the results." Meanwhile, its BLOCKED from doing any harm to the system. If the File is Infected, the user removes it - If its clean, the user can "allow" or "block" if it suspicous. The ONLINE SCANNER can also have a Behavior Monitor?


I know that there can be problems with like big files, but the file will be blocked when it is found UNKNOWN. The user chooses himself to ONLINE SCAN, ALLOW IT, or CLEAN IT/DELETE.

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1. i do not understand whats different. when you scanning the file on your pc, it will be send to the cloud server. when you scanning it online the file is also send to the cloud server and gives the same result.

2. i think most files have no digital signatur. also most ms windows files are not signed. so you have to upload every day a large number off files.

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