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Immunet 7.3.2 quarantine restore fails

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It seems like there might be another issue in build 7.3.2, although I think it's an exacerbation of a long-standing one.

I was running a full scan as a test in 7.3.2 and a few items (all false-positives so far) have been quarantined.

Attempting to restore from quarantine results in "Restore from quarantine failed. Check agent is online".

The agent is definitely online because I can still run more scans and quarantine (well, permanently lose) even more items.

The unfortunate thing is, once a restoration attempt has failed once, Immunet won't let you even try to restore the item from quarantine again. This means that any files that have been quarantined and not restored are lost forever (subject to having adequate backups).

This was always an intermittent (but rare issue) in Immunet, but in this latest build, it has happened on all but 1 of the detections in my initial test scan.

This is why the "ask me" option in the settings should ask the question *before* quarantining, not after like it currently does.

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Hmm, restore from quarantine seems fine now.

I suspect this might just be related to system load. If the system is under stress when an attempt is made to restore from quarantine, it probably takes slightly too long for the GUI to communicate properly with the Immunet service, so the GUI assumes that the service isn't running, and/or the operation has failed.

Intermittent error are the worst to diagnose and fix!

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Some interesting observations! Personally I always use the "Ask Me" option for both "Quarantine Behavior" settings. I like the option to decide for myself if a detection is just a FP or the real thing.

For someone that's not too tech savvy however, I would recommend that the default "Automatic" settings not be changed to Ask Me.

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I have had the issue yesterday. I have mine on Ask me and I clicked restore but it said failed to restore. I had this problem many months ago but uninstalled due to it being buggy. I reinstalled again yesterday, and what do you know, it is STILL buggy in many ways. Is there only 1 Developer working on this program or what?

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