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False positive with program 3RVX

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8 hours ago, ritchie58 said:

You can submit what you think is a False Positive directly to the developers at this URL. https://www.immunet.com/false_positive

I am guessing you didn't read my post? I said that the link https://www.immunet.com/false_positive shows an error when posting it, from what I have heard it has been broken for months now. Guess the Devs can't keep up with all the bugs, not sure how many there are working on Immunet?

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My sincerest apology Andrew! Hey, I'm only human too & you're right, I didn't quite let everything in your post sink in & wasn't aware that the FP URL was no longer working. I won't be advising folks to use that URL anymore "thanks to you!"

I'm sorry to say that kind of figures given the current circumstances. I can't seem to get any support/dev input on the forum either. "This has been going on since early April!" 

I think that Cisco, in it's infinite wisdom, has sadly made Immunet a "very low" priority.

Supposedly there is/was an entirely new build, including a new UI, in the works but I haven't heard any recent news regarding the progress on that project for about a month.

I do sometimes wonder why I continue to remain involved in the project when nobody else seems to give a sh*t. "Very frustrating considering the fact that I'm just the site's forum moderator that's been thrust into the roll of support person for almost 8 months now!"

In regards to your issue, have you tried to create a custom Exclusion rule or two with Immunet for the program in question? If the program creates a Program Files folder & you're sure there's nothing possibly malicious about it try to exclude the "entire Program Files folder" would be my suggestion.

Best wishes, Ritchie...

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