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Eicar Cloud Detection Enabled


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**Update** the Eicar Win32.Trojan.275a detection name has been changed to Win32.Eicar.275a


As there are several ongoing threads about Immunet not detecting eicar in the cloud I wanted to let everyone know we just added the cloud signature Win32.Trojan.275a for it.


Please note, if you previously scanned eicar your previous scan result will be cached on your system so you might see something other than a detection of Win32.Trojan.275a:

-If you previously scanned eicar.com with a fully updated ClamAV engine, it will be re-detected by a Clam.Something.Something signature rather than the Win32.Trojan.275a signature.

-If you previously scanned eicar.com with clam disabled, it will have been marked as a clean file and will not be detected.


If you want to see eicar detected by the cloud signature and have previously scanned and cached it, you can clear Immunet's cache by:

1) opening an elevated command prompt

2) net stop immunetprotect

3) delete c:\programfiles\Immunet\history.db, cache.db, and histortyex.db

4) net start immunetprotect

5) Now, download and re-scan eicar from http://www.eicar.org/download/eicar.com and it should detect as Win32.Trojan.275a

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