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If you have experience any problems with malware and you dont know how to get rid of them? feel free to ask here.


1. We need to know what symptoms you have experience? BSOD, slow computing, no internet? it is easier for us to help you if you can describe must possible.

2. What activity caused your symptoms? visit a site, downloaded a file?

3. To help you, we need some logs from your computer. Download this: http://www.trendmicro.com/ftp/products/hijackthis/HijackThis.exe and run it, save the log and upload it to the board.

4. We will recommend you to try Immunet Protect first. Then try MBAM / SAS (just write if you dont know anything about those tools). If this fails then use HijackThis as mention above.

5. Anyone who know something about malware can be to assists so if you know something, please be kind to help other as they will help you if needed ;)




Best regards


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