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SFC.EXE memory drain


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Anyone else run into sfc issues.   Noticed things starting to slow down and checked task manager,   SFC.exe was at 1.5 g and climbing...nothing happening yet it just kept climbing.  Finally had to uninstall.  

PS.  if you click on replies on forum it takes you to error page. 

                  thanks .  jb.


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Hi jb,

Was Immunet running a manual or secluded scan at the time you noticed sfc.exe using that much RAM?

The settings you use can influence how much system resources Immunet uses. It could also be some sort of conflict with a program you have installed on your PC.

I've tried to contact support several times about that pesky EX0 server error message but it still goes unresolved regrettably. Your guess is as good as mine when they'll get around to fixing that issue.

Regards, Ritchie...

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