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Create A New File For Remember The Key Serial For (Immunet Protect Plus)

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Hallo, more days ago, i think a good new feature about key serials,

Actually there are some problem about key serial for Immunet Plus, if an user have some problem about (format the computer, or have some problem where the user unistall the program, the old key serial don't working, although missing more days (100 day which expires this key licence.

Today you must contact the support team for re-working the serial key.

I have a new feature well working about Immunet (this feature is still present to Avira products).

When you enter or put a number serial for activate Immunet Protect Plus, the product creates a new file called hbedv.key where contains the key licence.

If have a problem about computer where you can unistall the program, you can copy this file into another folder, if you want re-install the program and re-put the old file (hbedv.key) the Immunet Protect Plus return working without contact the support team or enter a new key licence if the old licence working very well (don't expires it) until to expires the missing days.


please check it.

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Why not save a copy of the license key into a simple text- file on a backup- HD, a floppy disk, USB stick, CD, or DVD, but not on the systemdrive itself (normally C:\.)?



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Guest Mature

I don't think it's a good idea~


Actually there was a kind of malware stealing users' license key by simply reading the file stores license key,Immunet doesn't has proactive defense to prevent this kind of action, and normally this kind of virus just act "reading" and "sending",it seems impossible to classify them as a virus family to detect.


So my suggestion is keep your license in your email or in a picture.





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