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Change The Name Of Malware About Spero And Ethos Engine


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I've some request about detection of immunet on Spero and Ethos engine.

When i scan the my file infected i see always W32.Trojan.numberandletters, but i'd like have for example PDF script or PDF exploit this nickname was Exploit.PDF.xxxx

or when i scan on a program i see always W32.Trojan.numbers_letters but i think a SPR/namemalware.numbers_letters.

I don't recognise the detection or a categories of the threats.



For an example you can found a general term about different malware (General term of malware and sub-categories)

While for Tetra engine is good in general remain to this name, W32.Trojan.numberandletters


please change or create the category of the malware and rename the malware.

for example (http://forum.immunet.com/index.php?/topic/1012-eicar-cloud-detection-enabled/)


i thinks a good game was W32.Eicar.xxxx

where xxx are the number.

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