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Immunet 7.3.12 [ClamAV Manual Fix]

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Below is a work around for the ClamAV bug that fails from 7.3.0 to the new release 7.3.12. 


1. Remove all preexisting Immunet: Windows Control Panel, do not save any files. 

2. Install from website (Immunet 7.3.12): I ran as administrator.

3. Restart Computer

4. Disable all setting in Immunet. See below for example (Screenshot 2021-01-08 025019.png)

5. Open Task, terminate any remaining Immunet services as you can. One will fail given access denied (as it happened to me on Windows 10). 

6. Download the files from the ClamAV link [uhttps://www.clamav.net/downloads/production/clamav-0.103.0-win-x64-portable.zip]

7. Extract .zip folder into a new folder. 

8. Navigate to C:\Program Files\ImmunetNew\Immunet\clamav\ 

9. Just drag all the files you just extracted to the folder in Immunet => Clamav -> and accept replacement of all files.

10. Restart computer.

11. Re-enable all setting in Immunet settings (or ones you want). But make sure ClamAV Engine and Update is turned on.

12. Click update and wait for it to work. See images for proof it worked for me. 

Note: It seems that Immunet will run and extract all the clam 0.103.0 engine and the update function become "unbroken". I do not chance the  "" file name in the Immunet folder as it could break the program. 

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Sorry to hear you're still having difficulties with updating ClamAV! 

I would suggest you report this issue by starting a thread to the new 7.3.12 topic in the Announcements section. Hopefully an admin or dev will be quicker to read it there. Here's a link. https://support.immunet.com/topic/10910-new-release-immunet-7312/

"Glad that you found a viable work-around though!" Still, that would become rather tedious for me in no time if I had to go through those steps every time to update ClamAV.

Personally, I don't even use the ClamAV module since I have Immunet paired with another paid AV product so this issue doesn't affect me. I use just the cloud engines as ClamAV would be rather redundant & it is actually recommended that ClamAV be disabled when Immunet is used as a companion AV. It saves on system resources being utilized by both AV's.

Yeah, forum members do have a 'finite' amount of Mb's one can upload as attachments. Do you want me to delete all your old image attachments? Let me know & I can do that for ya.


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It seems this does not work anymore. Somehow it worked to begin with but I noticed that ClamAV.exe would not run (with enabled in Immune setting). I've tried other methods of trying to use the current ClamAV engine and importing the deflection files manually but it doesn't work. Is there any news on when or if ClamAV will be fixed in Immunet?

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Hey RockMaster!

I experimented with your approach to update Clam and I had close to the same, only Clam failed on the first attempt. I suspect that Immunets servers don't recognize the new version and possibly stops the service or its incompatible. 

I usually never turn Clam on unless I am testing as my main AV and it will conflict. With that said I would keep it off if you can due to the older version or till a fix is out.

I will keep experimenting to see if I can find out why it stops ClamAV.exe

Let me know if it starts to work again too.   

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I reported the Clam issue many weeks ago to no avail. I was hoping the most recent update would fix this, but nope. (Using right now.) So I'm just dealing with the error as I don't have time to go through the steps for a manual fix...though I appreciate the workaround being posted!

For others reading this, here's what it looks like on my end. (Including because I didn't see a screenshot attached above though one was mentioned.)


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One way you may get more attention from the devs about these continuing issues with ClamAV would be to add an additional thread to the 7.3.12 Announcements topic and voice your findings there. Add as much relevant technical data to the thread that you can think of regarding the issues.

Just click on this link to get started. https://support.immunet.com/topic/10910-new-release-immunet-7312/

Best wishes, Ritchie...

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