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Portableapps Being Flag As Containing Viruses...


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PortableApps being flag as containing viruses... this is definate minus since they seem to be the only website around that includes virustotal.com, Jotti on their product page inviting visitors to test out these well known cloud engines to test their site software for any malicious nature or behaviours. So the one point against you sincew that has not been offer to any of your present users to test this software and by the very dubious nature of your usage of same cloud technology in scan our computers. Below is the direct quote from their website at PortableApps.com Support page: http://portableapps.com/support


"AntiVirus and AntiSpyware False Positives


Some false positive reports occasionally pop up in different antivirus products in conjunction with software. This is partially due to the compression and portablization techniques used and partially due to a failure of some antivirus companies to fully test their virus definition updates before sending them out to users. If you encounter a false positive, please test the file in another antivirus product before reporting the issue to us in the forums to ensure that it's not an error in their software. Several companies make available online scanners for individual files, so you won't even have to install software (virustotal.com, Jotti). You can also use ClamWin Portable. Thanks for your help."


So one of 2 things has to happen either you update your cloud to reflect these changes or I will have to go elsewhere for non my protection requirements. I as do many like those little useful projects for 2 reasons, first the are Portable and second the are quite easily removed. You just delete the application and it's gone forever from our computer or Portable storage without the headaches of our present day software ...no fuss, no mess. This reminds me of my old days on Apple MACs, you just trashed the folder plus any preference file strewn in the system folder and it was gone likity split. So PLEASE update your definitions and give this guy a break, he works very hard at keeping software on his site up to snuff. If anything is of questionable nature he warns them before they download the app. If you really look at it most IT Technician's software is flagged because of their very nature of getting at places that an average user wouldn't need to know or get to. This program even flagged rawrite.exe from RedHat Linux's distro as a virus. Thanks ...looking forward to your response

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Hi RobT, I'm sorry to inform you that at present I've removed the Immunet software due to the many conflicts with the software that I prmarily download asnd use in the performance of computer analysis and repair ...I do however believe the flagged items were System Information for Windows Portable 2010.07.14 (http://www.gtopala.com/download/SIWPortable_2010.07.14.paf.exe), TeamViewer Portable 6.0.10511 (http://www.teamviewer.com/download/version_6x/TeamViewerPortable_6.0.10511.paf.exe) & WinMd5Sum Portable R3 (http://downloads.sourceforge.net/project/portableapps/winMd5Sum%20Portable/winMd5Sum%20Portable%, I did not save the report so as a best guess I believe these were the suspect files. PLEASE NOTE that download link doesn't necessarily match the PortableApps referred model as I went to the product's primary SOURCE less the corruption that might ensue from the respective hosting site, PLUS because of the updated or bugfixed version is of course more readily available hosted at it's ORIGIN. If you truely are interested in ass4ssing their files I'm sure PortableApps would supply you with the necessary information or the files themselves for additions to your whitelist. HERE"S the link: http://portableapps.com/


P.S. I sorry I could not provide you with more information however taking the necessary time removing them from Immunet software quaratine takes time, so since I am not a Beta tester this time is better spent on my actual work. I also recommend your regular testing or Hiren's BootCD and/or UBCD (Ultimate Boot CD) both available online in ISO format as similar software exists on these as well. It might do well to post what similar softwares you do support thus offering your consumers an option before they download and install. Whilst much of this information and material is avaiable from just about any software source just for the asking ...Open Source included. I'm sure the creator's are more interested in their software's use then having it quarantined for no apparant reason thus having to wrestle with AV/Malware companies to have it removed from their blacklists. The distorted and inflated databases utilized by these companies of reported malicious variety in order to inflate their own ego makes their software more suspect than not, as many consumers today now know this. So my recommendation is do your very best to not bloat or inflate your claims and become the fore-runner in Cloudbased defense, seriously. I will be back once I'm sure this software is up to snuff for my own purposes. BTW I love the idea and the concept, good luck


Sincerely, Peter

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