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If you restore a quantine file by mistake how do you undo it.

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Ok.  So if immunet think a file is a virus it will quarantine the file and notify you.  You have 2 option to delete it or restore it.  If it restore the file get put back.  But what if you restore by mistake.  How do you put it back into quarantine or unrestore the file. 

The reason I ask is that I notice that the files I restore Immunet will not flag this or similar files as virus anymore.  So what if I restore by mistake? 



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If that happened to me I would first delete the Exclusion that was created when you restored the file then reboot into your system's 'Safe Mode' & do a 'Full Scan' just to make sure the detections were merely False Positives or actual arbitrary code I just released back into my PC.

I've always recommended that unless you consider yourself an expert or advanced computer user that the default Automatic option remain enabled for On Detection of Malicious Files & On Detection of Suspicious Files. You can always do some research here or on-line (Virustotal.com, etc...) for the detection(s) afterwards.

Regards, Ritchie...

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