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Unquarantined File


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Hi joe,

I checked on the web & Virustotal & couldn't find any info regarding this file which doesn't surprise me since it was just a .tmp (temporary) file. Most likely this is a False Positive in my opinion.

What is the detection name & exact file path associated with the detection? You should be able to find this data by clicking on the word Quarantine located below & to the right of the History tab on the UI, then see if you can find the detection in the right-side Details dialog box. A up-loaded screen grab of the box with the info included could prove to be useful.

Also, do you recognize the file path for any software program you currently have installed? A custom Exclusion rule or two is all that may be needed to correct this from happening again if nothing malicious is going on.

Cheers, Ritchie...

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I've been getting these same issues for weeks now. This pops up almost every day & sometimes multiple times a day. Reported the issues previously. I've seen other Clam issues reported as well by other users.

Here's my most recent.



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Hey guys,

There definitely looks like a recurring theme going on here since the file paths are the same Windows temp file directory!

In fact I have seen this before come to think of it! The detection is related to a possible vulnerability to the VBScript engine for the Microsoft Edge browser which allowed maliciously crafted web sites to access the browser. I would bet both of you use Edge too.

I'm sure Microsoft has patched this vulnerability to Edge by now since it was first reported back in 2016. I still firmly believe it is a False Positive.

That is a detection by the ClamAV module. For this reason I would highly recommend you guys directly contact the ClamAV team regarding this issue and submit a False Positive report at this URL. http://www.clamav.net/reports/fp

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