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How To Disable Immunet Temporarily To Install Software

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how do I disable immunet temporarily to install some software.


Hi johnsmithbill,

Go to Settings and do the following amendments (hover over the ?-marks to the right of the options for getting verbose descriptions):

Blocking Mode = OFF

On Detection of Malicious Files = Ask Me

On Detection of Suspicious Files = Ask Me

Scan Archive Files = OFF

Scan Packed Files = OFF

In fact, these settings can permanently be kept, but Scan Archive/Packed Files = ON is preferable in the long run for thorough (= unfortunately long) scanning!

If you are completely sure, that your software to be installed is 100% clean thru other AV (online) scanning, then you can temporarily set:

Monitor Program Install = OFF

Monitor Program Start = OFF

Remember, to set them back to:

Monitor Program Install = ON

Monitor Program Start = ON,

otherwise Immunet will not protect you at all!!!



PS. Await a second opinion by an administrator (RobT, Anthony, Millard etc.) prior to action! DS

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