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Immunet's Brochure

Lord Ami

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I am not sure whether we can consider it as brochure, but here it is: https://na8.salesfor...Obn3O6p68=Gives nice overview of the Immunet Protect software and it's abilities :)

Just though you want to read it (if you haven't)

5+ explanation!

Yes, it is a very good info! And best of all is, that on Immunet Homesite http://www.immunet.com there is a link to it via Contact Us -> Company Info ->Immunet Edge Tech Brief! I hope, that Immunet on its Homepage will continue to have links to important ducuments like FAQ, Guide, Manual, and/or Tutorial and links for downloading the latest version and older versions as well!

(Note, that the homepage http://www.immunet.com is together with the Immunet software itself the only info sources for the Immunet Commutity, as only a small part thereof takes part in Immunet Forum!)



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