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Immunet Files Flagged By Antivirus Program


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Immunet FREE with Clam AV.


I don't know if this involves FP or what. I was composing a Gmail email item. I copied some 'copy' from a website into the email. The moment I pasted it, MS Security Essentials popped up that it had blocked some files. Details of the block listed files in C:\Program Files\Immunet\clamav\temp\clamtmp .... 4 files. See attachment.


I took a screen shot and the moment I pasted the SCREEN SHOT, MS SE went ahead and REMOVED the files .. with no action from me. I did not tell it to do that .. I WAS going to quarantine them .. but MS SE went ahead and removed them.


Edit: After MS SE removed the files, I went ahead and sent the EMAIL item. THEN, I tried to recreate the problem. Started a new email, pasted the same thing as before, ... MS SE did not 'catch' anything the second time. I am unable to recreate the problem.

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Huh, this is the second question about this I've gotten in two days... Millard was able to point me in the right direction though.


If you have both the Clam engine and Scan Archived files enabled, Clam extracts any archived files it finds to C:\Program Files\Immunet\clamav\temp\clamtmp\Immunet\clamav\temp\clamtmp and then scan these temp files for virus's. After the scan completes the clamtmp folder is emptied, and if any virus's were found the original archive is also deleted.


So what your seeing is MS Security Essentials detecting and quarantining Clam's temp files before Clam has a chance to scan them.


I'm not entirely sure what the side effects of deleting files from clamtmp are, but I would recommend adding an exclusion to MS Security Essentials to exclude the entire Immunet folder (i.e. C:\Program Files\Immunet).

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