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Hoping this forum app. will support this function ...


You guys are really good at responding quickly to problems/issues/concerns and it would be nice to see a ticky mark alongside an answered (as in final answer/solution accepted) post. If this is not possible how about the post be moved to a 'Solutions Accepted or Answers Accepted' section. On other forums I like to search on answered posts first to see how things are progressing. It is also a great place to see if the issue you have has already been addressed and that the poster is satisfied with the solution. This helps with solutions found through PMs that we never hear about.

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Exellent idea!

A truely clean forum is a joy!

As with any forum- topics tend to get solved, outdated, posted to various (sometimes random) locations. We're seeing this here now.

Our forum seems to be approaching the mass where it will require a practically full-time person if we want to maintain it in a most organized manner.

My hat is off to the Admins and Mods if they can accomplish- and truely maintain this idea. But enough of blowing smoke up the patootie and back to the topic.

Excellent Idea!

Perhaps they can be closed, cleaned up (if necessary,) moved to a section at the top for Solved/ Outdated/ final decision Ignored, and listed by topic.

Thanks for listening.

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