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Immunet Crashing Windows


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I've got Immunet installed on several machines and on all but one everything is ok. On the one however it crashes about once every week or two. I've read the dump files and they mention a file called ImmunetSelfProtect.sys. I've tried reinstalling the software several times and the same thing keeps happening. I have noticed that after installation the buttons (i.e. Close or Apply) in the software no longer display text. They are only slivers about 1/8 of an inch wide and the same height they should be. The machine is running Windows XP. Anybody have any suggestions on fixing this?




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Hi Nic, would you mind taking a support snapshot for me? This can be done by clicking start -> All Programs -> Immunet 3.0 -> Support Diagnostics Tool. This will create a new file on your desktop with a name like Immunet_Support_Tool_[date and timestamp].7z. Please email this file to support@immunet.com with the subject "For RobT: forum thread 1154".


Next, please try this:


1) Start by uninstalling Immunet (installing again overtop of your existing install probably won't fix anything - Immunet has to be fully removed first). At the end of the installation you will be prompted with a question asking if you plan on reinstalling Immunet - make sure to select no to fully remove all of Immunet's settings and drivers.

2) Now re-install Immunet from here - http://download.immunet.com/push/immunet/ImmunetSetup.exe

3) Clear the Windows event log - start->Control Panel->Administrative Tools->Event Viewer, right click on each of Application/Security/System log categories and select clear all events.

4) After your next crash go back into the event viewer and check each of the catagories and look for a red icon/error message and let me know what it says.

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