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Inviting People To My Community

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There seems to be some kind of 'bug' because I have one guy IN MY community already, yet I show him again in my community as a 'pending'. That is supposed to mean I sent him an invitation but he has not accepted it I would think.


I THINK this happened because he sent ME an invitation to HIS community and I accepted, then I sent HIM an invitation to MY community (and he accepted .. I think) yet the one I sent him shows him as 'pending' .. even though he accepted it.


Actually, I have TWO guys in that situation. We must be doing something wrong.




Something else 'not right'. I got an invitation to join XXXX's community .. and when I accepted it, it said XXXX is now a member of MY community. That doesn't seem right at all.


Should we NOT be adding each other? Since 'his' community is different from mine, I would think there is an advantage to me joining HIS and HIM joining mine ... no?


Whatever it is, .. there is a bug somewhere .. apparently.

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We expect, that Immunet does its own homework by fixing all bugs, translations, & documentation of the software. (Evidently, Immunet needs more responsible & qualified staff!)



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