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Failed to stop Immunet service

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Hi everyone,

i am having trouble when i try to re-install Immunet, during installation it shows error Failed to stop Immunet service, cannot proceed with the update.

i tried with Revo Uninstaller but it didn't find anything from Immunet to uninstall or delete any files.


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Hello Elion,

Obviously you attempted an uninstall & something went wrong if you're using Revo. 

If you didn't try this already, reboot & go into 'Safe Mode "without" networking' and then launch Revo Uninstaller, use the 'Advanced' option & search for any left over folders, files or orphaned registry keys. With the Advanced option enabled only delete any file directories that are 'directly associated' with Immunet that should be highlighted with bolder text by Revo. 

When entering Safe Mode make sure you choose the 'without networking' option!

Actually, it's not a bad idea to 'create a manual "System Restore" point' with your version of Windows 'before' you attempt to use Safe Mode & Revo's Advanced option just in case you accidently delete something you shouldn't have. 


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I can think of something else you can investigate. Make sure your firewall or any other security software you may be using isn't blocking, sandboxing or interfering with Immunet's boot-strapper installer.

Immunet's installer requires an unrestricted internet connection to successfully install Immunet.

Also, if you're attempting to install Immunet on the old Windows XP Operating System that's not going to work. Immunet does not support XP & it will not install.  

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