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Restore Of Quarantine File Failure

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While doing a scan of flash drive (unencrypted) I got a false positive on a file I know to be valid with the correct check sum. The file is part of qVim from Portableapps.com. (where I found ClamWin).


Additionally, you will notice on the screen print that it detected a file already quarintined by ClamWin portable. Should this program detect files that have been quarintined by ClamWin? I would think not. (it's the one that starts with "infected."


I have attached a screen print for your viewing pleasure.


George Fox

post-5741-045063300 1309291465_thumb.jpg

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Hi George, I have whitelisted Gvim (presuming you meant Gvim, not Qvim) so it will no longer be detected as malicious by Immunet. Please note it may take up to 24 hours for the change to take effect on your machine.


Immunet dosen't exclude Clamwin's quarantine directory by default, so you will have to manually add your own exclusion for it. We don't expect users to run both Immunet and Clamwin, as both programs incorporate the exact same Clam engine.

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