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Immunet Tray Client Closed - Dep Exception

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Immunet's tray client was closed by Windows Data Execution Prevention.


It happened soon after restoring MemuMaker.dll. It was quarantined while installing a Samurize config: Multi-Fontion 3 Pack. The ClamAV detection appears to be a false positive. Virus Total reports ClamAV is the only scanning engine registering a positive out of 42.


A copy of MenuMaker.dll is attached. OOPS. It was rejected for upload. I can send it via email if needed/


I don't recall any DEP exceptions and its suspiciously coincidental, but I've seen some strange things happen that turned out to be benign.


The file was unzipped by Total Commander then restored through Immunet's history dialog. About a minute later the DEP alert popped up. As far as I know the dll was not registered, executed or loaded.


Should the tray client be excluded from DEP? Is MenuMaker.dll a legitimate false positive.

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