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Hello Jose,


There are 2 possible causes for the "Immunet 3.0 lookup failed" message in the History - All File Events view.


Cause 1)The files were temporary files that were quickly deleted before they could be looked up.

- An example might be a temporary cookie text file.


Cause 2)The other cause may be the actual network lookup to see if the file is malicious failed.


Cause 1) seems to be common as I see many temporary files showing up in the All File Events view regularly. This is normal behavior and is not a cause for concern



Sourcefire - Immunet Employee

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Hi varador, I just viewed my files. Upon inspection a great many of these are temporary files created by my browser and other software. I would have to agree with Stephen that what you are seeing is normal activity and Immunet is still protecting you against genuine threats. Regards, Ritchie...

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