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My Immunet Protections Factor Is Zero?

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i not part of any social networks, and i'm not able to get anybody i know to use immunet. the only people in my immunet community are just a few who accepted my invitation when i registered and started using immunet free. thus, my protection factor is "zero."


my questions is, even though i have a "protection factor zero," do i still get the benefit of using immunet? or is there no point in using immunet if protections factor is zero.

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my protections factor is zero.

Hi jjimmunet,

Do not worry! You are protected in two ways:

1. Immunet overall community (the cloud) = 1,828,562 members (fastly increasing every day!)

2. Your "My Community". There is a certain time lag, until the Protection Factor (PF) will respond. To get a high PF try to invite members with high PF numbers = vast networks! Invite Millard (admin). He has a vast network!

Welcome to our forum, be patient & Cheers,



Edited by sweidre: I have deleted the email address of Millard by security reason! Write a PM (private message) to Millard asking him to provide you with his addy for inviting him to your "My Community".

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