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Problems With Windows 2003 Standard Sp2

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I've been evaluating Immunet 3.0 as a supplemental scanner on top of McAfee 8.7i and Malwarebytes, and was fairly happy with its performance and detection rate. However we ran into a show stopper this morning and I had to uninstall Immunet to get around it. It appears that the immunet scanner is somehow interfering with file locking. We have a helpdesk application that uses flat files and file locking (Microsoft MDB files). The application would not launch and would return an error "Error 3050: Could not lock file". I've never seen this before, and I couldn't find a way around it (even disabling Immunet would not fix the problem) until I uninstalled immunet and rebooted.


Does immunet support Windows 2003 Standard? The only reason I ask is that during the immunet install process it warned me that immunet is only supported on XP, Win7, and 2008 (or something to that effect). 2003 was not explicitly listed, and it did warn me. Perhaps it was my mistake in assuming 2003 was actually supported. Also, oplocks are disabled on the entire server because it creates performance issues.


As a side note, I did also encounter some additional strangeness immediately after Immunet was installed. I upgraded Malwarebytes and was puzzled by a "File in use/lock" error during the Malwarebytes install. Some of the malwarebytes dll's were reported as locked/in use, and I had to click retry a few times and then malwarebytes install completed. I can only guess that the files were locked by immunet for scanning while the malwarebytes application was in the middle of its install process?


Thanks for any advice you can provide.



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