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Speed Decreases Significantly

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Hello support team,


yesterday I bought a licence from the

Since I installed it, I have tremendous speed losses online.

Examples: youtube opens in 10sec instead of one or two. A simple news-site takes 4 seconds instead of a half. New firefox windows have trouble to be opened. With quad core and 4 GB RAM I never had troubles, furthermore your software shows max. 5% CPU and 90-100MB Memory-usage only.


- I disabled avast! antivir but get no real speed wins.


- I clicked on the Support Diagnostic Tool, which of these 7z-files in the do you need for diags?


Thanks in advance! I like the cloud-idea and don´t really want to take the 30-day-€-back-guarantee. B)

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In the diagnostics file are logs and database entries that tell us what kind of files you are seeing on your computer (SHA, filename, path), services you have installed (multiple AV products take longer to scan a file than a single product), a directory listing to see if we're missing any signature files, logs for installation and operation of the product, and your configuration. You can use 7-zip if you want to look at what's inside.


For performance, the tweak we do must often is going into Settings and turn Blocking Mode off (http://support.immunet.com/tiki-read_article.php?articleId=11#Blocking_Mode). It's a trade off of speed vs. protection.

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