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Comodo Internet Security Updated


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For the other Immunet users that use Comodo Internet Security, if the automatic updater has not pushed the update to you and you want to install manually here is a link for version 5.8.213334 at filehippo. Be forewarned though.You may have to update the updater if you're uing an older version. Read on. Just like last time I updated CIS I ran into a problem (relatively small compared to last time). First the auto-updater icon would appear, I'd click on that starting the update window, it would ask if I would like to update which I did. After just a few seconds it told me a re-start was necessary. After re-start the update icon would appear again. This occurred "numerous times" so I tried to update through the manual updater in the GUI and that did the trick. The new version downloaded and installed OK after that. I checked their forums, and to no surprise, other users are having update issues as well. According to Comodo this is due to the fact that the updater has to be updated if you are running version 5.5 or earlier. The updater has to be updated to get the newest 5.8 version upgrade to install! A little confusing to say the least. Getting that off my chest here is the change log from Comodo: Hi Guys,


We are excited to announce that COMODO Internet Security 2012 has just been released!

This is the fastest, lightest and the strongest CIS that has ever been released.


We would like to thank all of our BETA testers whose feedback made this release possible.



What's new in COMODO Internet Security 2012?


NEW! Simplified installation experience

NEW! Seamless integration with COMODO ESM 2.0 Business Edition

NEW! Enhanced protection mode: Defense+ is now stronger in 64 bit operating systems

NEW! New options for popup alerts and antivirus alerts

IMPROVED! Look and feel

IMPROVED! Resource consumption and performance

FIXED! Firewall does not work properly on Bluetooth PAN adapters

FIXED! Antivirus crashes on files that reside on bad sectors

FIXED! Various race conditions exploited by malware to evade Defense+

New in CIS 5.8.213334.2131

FIXED! CMC is not shown properly

FIXED! Startup folders are not configured for all users


Updated 10/20/2011: Program updates are released as of today.

Updating from CIS 5.5 to CIS 5.8

There will be a 2 stage updating mechanism for old users. The initial update will be updating the updater to the latest version which is capable of upgrading to CIS 5.8.


Updating from CIS 5.8.x.2124 to CIS 5.8.x.2131


If you have CIS 5.8.x.2124 installed, you will also receive a small update. Pls check the updated release notes for details.

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We are excited to announce that COMODO Internet Security 2012 has just been released!

Congratulation Ritchie,

I am not using Comodo, but I hope, that the new version of CIS will work properly for you! To get an update of a Security Suite is a major thing, I know: It can be a great improvement, but it can also be big disappointment! I can only hope for the best, that the new CIS will be compaible with all the other softwares you have installed! Good Luck! from sweidre

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I thought I had a serious problem after upgrading to version 5.8. The GUI wouldn't load but I was able to track that down to Mamutu blocking Comodo's processes that control that function. Mamutu was just doing it's job. After configuring some new allow rules with Mamutu everything is working as it should now. I don't see why Comodo couldn't have just included an updated version of the updater with the release of the 5.8 installer package instead of making it a separate download. I think that would have simplified things and created a lot less confusion for users. Maybe, on the other hand, that just wasn't possible with the way the software's architecture is written. On a plus note I have noticed a decrease in RAM usage, a slight increase in system performance and slightly faster boot-up time since upgrading which is a step in the right direction!

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