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New Release: Immunet 7.4.4

Sam M.

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Hello all,

We are happy to announce a new release of Immunet 7.4.4!

This latest version of Immunet provides the same great protection against malware and viruses as before, but also includes some new features, enhancements and bug fixes as below.

Changes in 7.4.4:


  • The Behavioral Protection engine can now detect command line spoofing
  • Updated ClamAV to 0.103.2

You can get the new installer from here https://download.immunet.com/binaries/immunet/bin/ImmunetSetup.exe

Expected upgrade behavior for Immunet users:
 * Upgrades from Connector versions below 7.0.0 to 7.0.0 and higher require a reboot to complete
 * Upgrades from Connector versions starting 7.0.0 to any higher version do not require a reboot to complete

If you are running an older version of Immunet, you should be able to upgrade via the 'Update Now' button in the UI. If you don't see the update in your UI we recommend uninstalling Immunet and reinstalling the version downloaded from http://www.immunet.com/index

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