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Immunet is disabling Chrome

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You failed to provide any detailed information or screen shots in regards to what's going on so it would be impossible to help you at the moment.

Are there files associated with Google Chrome being quarantined, is that the case? If so, what is/are the malware detection name(s) & file path(s) being affected?

My browser of choice is Microsoft Edge but I do have Google Chrome installed on my rig as a second browser & had no problems launching or using the browser myself just out of curiosity. 

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This event was registered yesterday opening Chrome in two pc.

I scanned both with ESET, Malwarebytes, and other two antivirus without any result.

Now I have blocked Chrome and I don't know how to solve the problem and if there is a problem.

Many thanks


WhatsApp Image 2022-05-27 at 16.27.34.jpeg

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I have encountered the same problem.  I had 8 customers yesterday call me about this and two more this morning.  Chrome is being targeted by Immunet.  My customer click on a Google link to a favorite, and get a message the path is no longer available.  I ran Immunet and removed all the viruses it said I had, then when I tried to reinstall Google Chrome, it said it was infected and quarantined it.  We I figured I would uninstall Immunet and then I could surely install Google chrome, but it still will not install google chrome.  So the question is, is it really Immunet that is blocking it, or is it truly a virus in the install file?

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I got on my desktop (Win 10) yesterday and found that Chrome was not working... Looked at immunet and saw there were some 'quarantined' and some 'quarantine failed' files. Looked in my C drive and it appears that these are Chrome files... the file path is listed below for one that failed... Most of the failed files are "Chrome.exe" files and there are a ton.  I am doing a full system scan now (going on 24+ hours now)... My son, who is in IT, said to go through and delete the quarantined files but to look up the file path first to see what is up.  Is this a virus/trojan horse thing??? I don't really see any answers here in the forum (I just joined so might have missed something)... Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!



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Why are we not seeing responses from Immunet about this?! Or even from Google?!

All 5 of my PCs at home have done this.  What is it with chrome that immunet/clam is not liking?

Yet, a simple Uninstall of immunet and reinstall of Chrome and immunet...and immunet doesn't redetect the same problem?!! Makes no sense.

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