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Immunet Detecting Malware of type WAX4A4D.tmp etc. False positive?

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I am a novice Immunet user. Immunet is continuously detecting Malware of the type WAX****.tmp on my computer. On most occasions, I also get the message quarantine failed. Is this a false positive or should I be bothered? How do I remedy this problem? 
I am also unable to get a sample of the file from the file directory to send for analysis. Please help me. 

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Hi SrijanM,

WAX files are almost always associated with Windows Media Player or other media players that use the Windows temp file directory.

Out of caution, I checked Virus Total and they have no other AV's reporting that this particular WAX.tmp file is malicious in nature which is a good thing. I'm sure this is a False Positive.

If the detection name starts with clam (and I would bet it does) then it is a ClamAV detection. If that's the case then I would highly suggest you report this FP directly to the ClamAV support team instead. Here's a URL for the ClamAV FP reporting site for doing just that. https://www.clamav.net/reports/fp

If it's not a ClamAV detection then let us know. The complete detection name or a screen grab would be more helpful.

Regards, Ritchie...

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