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Immunet detecting malware of the WAX9859.tmp. False positive?

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Yes, this is just a continuation of the last issue you posted. I'm certain these are False Positives.

It would be impossible to create a custom Exclusion rule with Immunet for these constantly changing .tmp files. Excluding the entire Windows .tmp file directory "would not be a great idea at all either!"

Did you contact ClamAV support regarding these WAX file False Positives like I highly suggested in the last topic you posted? If not, please take the time to submit a FP report to ClamAV.

You do have the option of disabling the ClamAV module & updates for it with Immunet & just use the cloud detection engines. Then you could use Immunet as a companion AV to another compatible AV solution. This configuration will give you an added layer of security too. It is recommended that the ClamAV module be disabled with Immunet if used in this manner anyway. 

That's the setup I and many other Immunet users have. I don't miss using the ClamAV module at all as that's where almost all of the FP's come from to be perfectly honest.

You should have just posted another thread in your previous topic instead of creating a new one regarding the same subject.

Please refrain form posting the same or similar subject matter with multiple topics, that is against forum rules.

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