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Immunet 3.0.5 No Netwrok Shares After Few Minutes Of Boot


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Hi, I have installed Immunet 3.0.5 on my WindowsXP workgroup computers, everything was ok but after a while, i can not access my network shares.


The symptoms are:

  1. Reboot computers of workgroup
  2. Access shares of Computer 1 through "My network places" on WindowsXP
  3. Transfer some files from computer 2 to computer 1 (about 2 to 3 megabytes!!!)
  4. After a while of transfer, an error message appears on computer 2 saying that network share became unavailable
  5. Accessing the Network places, and double clicking on computer 1, an error message appears saying that can not connect to computer or maybe don have sufficient permissions


I know it's an Immunet issue, because after uninstalling it from all workgroup computers, the network shares came to life again!


Please advise.


Thanks a lot!

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Hi razor7, unfortunately I don't believe the free or Plus versions of Immunet supports a Network Share environment at this time. It has been discussed before to include this feature in a future build but the priority for this kept getting pushed back. No doubt the Enterprise version of Immunet will support such a networked structure but that has yet to be rolled out publicly. It's still in private beta testing.

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Hi, i think is a bug, because if no network scanning, it may not interfere with network activity at all!!!


I can reproduce the issue in my home network, with Windows7 and WindowsXP.


Personally, i think if no network support at all, then dont mess with my netwrk!

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