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Update Comodo Quicker By Adjusting Immunet Settings


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For any other Immunet users that use CIS here is a tip to speed up the install process. This evening I got a popup from Comodo Internet Security's system tray update icon telling me a new version was available for download. I updated through the GUI which, I would recommend, is the easiest way to go instead of downloading and running the installer package (click on the "More" tab, then "Check for Updates" and follow the instructions). I found that while the new components were being downloaded and installed it was taking an undue amount of time and I also noticed, through the tray icon, Immunet was scanning those files. Although none that got scanned were being flagged as false positives which is a good thing. Since Comodo is a trusted vendor, when you update to the new 5.9 version temporarily disable "Monitor Program Install" and "Blocking Mode." That will really speed things up! Just don't forget to turn Monitor Program Install and Blocking mode "BACK ON" after the update is installed!!! With both of these settings disabled you lose a great deal of protection with Immunet so that's why it's important not to forget. On another note it's so nice that Comodo has resolved it's unpleasant updating issues that older versions were prone to and I'm talking from personal experiences here. After adjusting Immunet's settings my update went without a hich which is a nice change of pace! Also, for anyone interested, here is the change log for version 5.9: Seamless Trustconnect integration: CIS now detects unsecured wireless connections and lets you use your trust connect account seamlessly


NEW! Smart Scan: We have introduced one of the smartest quick scans in the world based on COMODO Autorun Analyzer Technology.


IMPROVED!Malware deletion: Some files were not able to be deleted by CIS even after reboot


IMPROVED!We have moved some of the settings in from More->Preferences to their releveant sections in Firewall Settings etc.


IMPROVED!Dragon is included with CIS setup(Optional like GB)


FIXED!CAV causes some applications e.g. Nero to load too late

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