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excellent result of this test.


Single Product Flash Test – Sourcefire Immunet Plus, December 2011


For me this is completely unknown program.


I regularly check that website and I saw that immunet has an impressive history of test results. When I saw the last results I decided to purchase a license.

Great product! Keep on the good work!

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Hi skokospa,


What browser and version are you attempting to make the purchase with. I've tried this with the latest versions of both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox and the Continue Purchase button is working for me.





if you purchased a license through the website immunet tell me how?I simply can not buy a license....imunnnet by licence

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Hi Jason, I just tried the upgrade option through the GUI and as before I couldn't get the "Continue Purchase" button to function either. It seems the next page attempts to load but is not able to. My default browser is Mozilla Firefox, using the newest 10.0.1 version. I use NoScript but I allowed all scripts to run on that page including Google Analytics with no change. Also I use AdBlock Plus but disabled that thinking maybe a filter rule was interfering but still got the same result. As before too the PayPal button works just fine. Edit: I just tried going directly to the web site and tried that way as well with the same results.

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