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Tracking Cookies Is That Malware?


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Guest orlando

Cookies are not malware, are files in .txt some sites let you to preserve certain information (example: if you click on a link turns purple from blue and purple will always point to that clicked) here if you delete these cookies and History, links already visited return blue, that is an example. However cookies are important materials for an indiscreet eye who wants to know about your surfing, so for Norton security (and other programs) will detect to increase PC security.



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If I visit the well-reputed site: http://download.cnet.com/windows/, as many people are visiting, I get a not harmfull tracking cookie! My software Emsisoft Anti-Malware can ask me to remove a tracking cookie or not! Removals of any cookies are good, if you want to keep your privacy completly clean! But using Private Browsing (eg. Google Chrome Incognito Mode) often means that you cannot get access to some useful sites!





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