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Revert To Free Edition

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Hello, since Immunet is not answering my email, I will not buy a new license until the issues(issues with others also) are fixed. For now, how can I get my immunet back to free version?




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Hi Patrick, when the trial period expires Immunet will no longer function so to get the free version back you will have to uninstall and then reinstall Immunet. When asked if you are going to reinstall Immunet during the uninstall process click on "NO." That way you'll get a clean uninstall but you'll have to add your exclusions, configure your settings and log into your account again. I would recommend you activate the ClamAV module and Automatic Updates for ClamAV since the free version does not include the TETRA module. You also might want to consider adding another AV (Immunet Free runs great with most popular AV packages) that has rootkit detection (Avira or AVG are a couple of good ones) or a dedicated rootkit scanner since the TETRA module handled this detection/protection capability. Just choose the free version when prompted by the installer. I posted a thread a while back stating it would be nice if one could revert back to the free version a little easier like having the program automatically revert to the free version once the trial period expired but that is not the case unfortunately.

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