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Office 2016 files don't save on server with Immunet 7.4.4

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Excel file when saving in Windows 2016 server creates temp files with the modifications, but let the original file the same way.

All savings get the same error that is in the image file annexed, it says that another user is using the file so it can't overwrite over the file.

When disabling the Immunet 7.4.4 services, the execel saves files normally.

Other softwares save normally.


Edited by Paulo Viola
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Hi Paulo,

Have you checked if any of these files are in Immunet's quarantine list?

If there are Excel files being quarantined what is the exact detection names?

You can find out by clicking on the underlined word Quarantine located below & to the right of the History tab. Then click on the file in question and see what the right-side Details dialog box says.

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Hi Wejnuu, 

Sorry to hear that you're also encountering this issue. Paulo never got back to me so it's impossible to help someone if you don't hear back from them.

As I suggested to Paulo check if any files associated with Excel have already been quarantined by Immunet & let me know the exact detection name(s) & file path(s).

Something you & Paulo could also do to help investigate this issue is temporarily use Immunet's 'Verbose Tray Notifications' feature. With this setting enabled you will get a pop-up with all files Immunet interacts with. Then open Excel and see what files you observe associated with the program. 

If you do observe any Excel files the exact file paths may be of help to perhaps mitigate this issue by creating one or more custom Exclusion rules with Immunet.

If you're interested in participating with this experiment here's how to enable the VTN feature. Open the UI -> click on the Settings tab ->  scroll down to the Notification Settings tab & click on it -> turn on Verbose Tray Notifications.

Be advised, with the VTN feature enabled you will get 'numerous' pop-up messages with Immunet, that is normal behavior.

Anyone else reading this post 'do not turn on Verbose Tray Notifications unless instructed to do so' as it's a support/diagnostic tool only. 

Regards, Ritchie...
P.S. - Just don't forget to turn off Verbose Tray Notifications afterwards.

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