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How To Restore Files From Expired Trial?

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Some months ago I installed Immunet (I don't remember how exactly, I believe it came as suggestion from another software). Few days ago it told me it has expired and that it needs to be bought to continue functioning. I thought, ok, I will uninstall it because I didn't really use it and it was there only because I got it accidentally. But I didn't uninstall it yet.


And now the funny thing: Today I took some files to copy to my external hdd. Immunet recognized some of those files as malware and put them to quarantine. I however, wanted to restore these files because I know they are safe. After some google help I found the way to do it (going to History tab and restoring files), but the issue is that I can't access the History tab because my license expired! I can only see the screen asking me to enter the activation code.


It is also funny that prior to all this Immunet said I was completely unprotected, but then it put those files to the quarantine apparently without the way to take them out.


Maybe I am missing something. I can't find a way to get my files back without buying the software that I don't really need, and I need the files for tomorrow!! Please, can someone help?

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