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Hi sasa, Immunet Protect Plus can be used as a stand-alone AV solution. Especially if you have the TETRA module enabled, which, by the way, is based on BitDefender's detection engine. So there really isn't any need to run both AV's. However if you still wish to use both, have you tried putting BitDefender's Program Files folder in Immunet's Exclusion List? If not give that a try. Also It would be a good idea to put Immunet's Program Files folder in BitDefender's Exclusion List as well. Another possibility is you may have to disable the TETRA module too since it's based on BitDefender's detection engine. There could be some kind of conflict going on because of that. Unfortunately if you disable the TETRA module you will lose Immunet Plus's rootkit scanning-detection capabilities. If after trying these things you're still encountering compatibility issues might I suggest you submit a Support Diagnostic Tool report. Click on Start then All Programs > scroll down and click on the Immunet 3.0 Folder > click on Support Diagnostic Tool. This will create a zip file to your Desktop. Upload that file and any screenshots in an attachment along with a detailed description of the problem with your email client and send to: support@immunet.com Best wishes, Ritchie...

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