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How Do I Submit A Support Diagnostic Tool Report?


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If you encounter a problem with Immunet your first option should be to post a new topic in the Immunet Support (Issues/Defects) section of the forum. If a solution to your problem is not readily available and you are instructed by an Administrator or Staff member to submit a SDT report here is the instructions for the creation of a Support Diagnostic Tool Report: Click on Start > All Programs > find the Immunet 6.0 folder and click on that > click on Support Diagnostic Tool > this will create a 7zip file to your Desktop. This zip file which contains recent history of the activity that Immunet has encountered and other relevant data will greatly help in diagnosis of and finding a possible remedy for the issue.

Upload that zip file and any relevant screenshots as an attachment (some email clients may require you to first encrypt the data with a password before up-loading, don't forget to include the password in the email) along with a detailed description of the problem and the Operating System you use (7, 8, 8.1 10, Server 2008 R2, Server 2012, 32bit, 64bit?) with your email client and send to: support@immunet.com (create a new folder and add all relevant data into it if you have more than just the zip file to upload). After which you will receive a confirmation email with your Support Ticket number included.

(please note: no user identifiable information is included in the 7zip file so your privacy is assured. In fact the zip file is not encrypted so it is possible to unpack and view the contents if you so desire.)

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