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Avast! 7 Public Beta


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Hi there


Since many people use Immunet with Avast


Here is the latest beta of version 7




Whats New?




New features

- New installer

- UI facelift

- FileRep service (cloud based)

- Streaming updates

- Sandbox & Autosandbox improvements

- Browser protection improvements

- Remote assistance feature to help your friends with computer troubles

- Support tool

- Export/Import settings

- Screensaver facelift

- runs on Win8 Developer Preview

- and many, many security improvements

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Avast! and Immunet Free Edition are compatible, so they can be run as companion AV's and do seem to normally get along with each other! In fact, by default, Avast!'s Porgram Files folder is excluded when you install Immunet. It's not a bad idea to put Immunet's Program Files folder in Avast!'s Exclusion List. That way they'll recognize each other as completely safe programs.There's also a new version of Immunet available! Here's what's new and to download the latest installer package.

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