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My subscription is up and I need to know why I should re up my subscription. I have had nothing but problems with this product since I installed it. I have to turn off most of the protection to it to work. Then about every other time you update it something screws up! The last update caused a window to pop up every time my laptop opened a picture in a website. You obviously need to do more testing before your updates come out!

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Hi congaman59,


The Immunet Protect product is designed to be low impact and shouldn't be affecting your laptop in the way you describe. A significant amount of testing goes into each release but as I'm sure you can appreciate, it's difficult to capture every possible user configuration. If you want to PM me your issues or email us at support@immunet.com and the version you've been using, I'd be happy to see if we can work through them.


We've had some changes lately in our support staffing so if you've already contacted the support line, please let me know the day you did and I'll track down your information.





Immunet Support

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