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Immunet scaling 4K work-around

Just Add Pete

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Integer Scaler (https://tanalin.com/en/projects/integer-scaler/) will allow you to upscale. Nothing to install, just downlopad the relevant .exe & run it. No system impact. Quicker & easier than changing the entire system res in order to click a few buttons in Immunet. Not perfect but much easier & works.

Quick user guide:

Select & run either x32 or x64 .exe for Integer Scaler
Open Immunet
Hit Al + F11 

Carry on as normal...

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Hey Just,

I see with the link you provided for IntegerScaler that it only supports Windows 7. I guess that could be helpful if you're using this outdated, no longer Microsoft supported platform and using Immunet & a device using a 4k screen resolution.

What about using this app with 8, 8.1 or Win 10? Will it work with these OS's as well do you know?

P.S. - I deleted your exact duplicate post you made in the Support Issues/Defects section. It is against forum rules to post duplicate postings in different locations so keep that in mind in the future. I did, however, add a link to this topic in that section just in case any Immunet user is interested in trying the app.

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