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Mse Detecting Files In Clamav/temp As Pameseg


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Hi folks,


This isn't exactly a report of a false positive in Immunet, but I wasn't sure where else to post it. I've received two notices of detections by Microsoft Security Essentials within Immunet's directory tree in the past few weeks.



These were detected as Win32/Pameseg.BJfile:C:\Program Files\Immunet Protect\clamav\temp\clamtmp\00000002.tmp


file:C:\Program Files\Immunet Protect\clamav\temp\clamtmp\clamav-61bb09a9436883b8fdfacfc58d101edb




These were detected as Win32/Pameseg.AL

file:C:\Program Files\Immunet Protect\clamav\temp\clamtmp\0000001e.tmp


file:C:\Program Files\Immunet Protect\clamav\temp\clamtmp\00000020.tmp


file:C:\Program Files\Immunet Protect\clamav\temp\clamtmp\clamav-5f2b34ccc7821c0e18e68e43f030e656


file:C:\Program Files\Immunet Protect\clamav\temp\clamtmp\clamav-90dd4c3cf3607a7f705ffaa9a9eb2126




What is the clamac/temp/clamtmp directory used for? Signature updates?






Bob Stratton

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I'm having this same issue, and I understand how to fix it. However, why are you guys advertising that Immunet works with other A/V programs when clearly it does not "out of the box"? Especially since you state on your site that you've tested and certified that MSE is compatible with Immunet.

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By default, when you install Immunet a number of the major players programs are already excluded. Unfortunally Microsoft Security Essentials is not one of them. However it's no huge hassle to add the exclusion for MSE. It only takes a few moments of your time and after that it is compatable. The fact is not a great many people use MSE comparied to other AV solutions on the market today.

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