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Steam.exe gets flagged as threat


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This certainly 'isn't the first time' there has been a conflict between Immunet & the Steam gaming app unfortunately! All the previous reports turned out to be a False Positive as I bet this detection is too.

First try to see if you can use the Restore feature for the .exe from Immunet's Quarantine list. Then my advice at the moment would be for you to create a custom Exclusion rule for Steam's entire Program Files folder. 

If you need assistance on how to create an Exclusion rule with Immunet or attempt a restore for that .exe file let me know. I can give you detailed instructions.

You can also report this as a False Positive at this link. https://www.immunet.com/false_positive

Regards, Ritchie...

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Thanks Ritchie, found the restore feature and thanks for a great program.

Tried to submit a false positiev. But after the step that requaried me to verifythat i was human it gave me an error.


Maybe something to look in to, but probably an adblocker or something on my end.


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Hi Steam,

Glad to hear that using Restore worked to put that .exe in the Exclusion list. If you haven't already I would still recommend you create an Exclusion rule for Steam's entire Program Files folder as well. That could help with a possible future conflict.

Yeah, it seems some folks have no problem submitting a FP report while others run into some sort of error message like you did.

Not 100% sure but I'm thinking the same thing as you, maybe it's the browser you're using, the security settings or some add-on/extension being used that's causing this. Unfortunately I don't have access to those error log files or I would check it out for myself if I could. 

This is something that I also wish would get looked into sooner rather than later! Having a reliable means to submit FP data to the devs is important for any AV! Regrettably Immunet just doesn't get the support it once did. 😞 

Best wishes, Ritchie...

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